Who we are

Swift Data LLC is a software company based in Skopje. This company is founded by Aleksandar Momiroski-CEO and Damjan Postolovski-CTO in April 2017. We are a team of young, talented and prosperous people with diverse academic and professional backgrounds who, through unconventional solutions and ideas, solve the potential issues that will arise. Thе company creates and sells the latest software trends, innovative solutions and ideas. Analytics, business intelligence (BI) and data management can help organizations innovate, including by making interdependencies among people, institutions, entities and processes through the study of data relationships. Organizations can use tools to gain a better perspective on how making changes to one process or function will affect another process or function. Data visualization is key to seeing data connections and shortening the decision-makers path to intelligence. With visual BI and analytics, users can go beyond simple spreadsheet reporting to look at comparisons, patterns, trends and periods. We offer solutions for every part of the process, from data acquisition to data prediction.


A revolutionary approach to changing the way software solutions and ideas are used.


At SwiftData we believe that we are on the road to deliver software solutions and ideas that will revolutionize the way we use them and we are convinced that they will.

Company’s objectives:

-Offering up-to-date software solutions and ideas that will radiate sophistication, unity and uniqueness in their use approach and customer satisfaction.

-Building a path that will lead to the latest and revolutionary technological solutions.

– Unmatched user experience in using cutting edge software solutions and ideas.